VIZIBOOK is provided by Patryst company (hereinafter "Patryst"), a SAS company with capital of € 1,083.60, having its registered office at 48 avenue Charles de Gaulle (92200) Neuilly-sur-Seine, registered under number B 512 376 542 RCS Nanterre.

VIZIBOOK is both a tour guide and a personal travel book.

VIZIBOOK is an application that enables:

VIZIBOOK is free for users.


Any use of VIZIBOOK assumes that the user agrees to comply with these terms and conditions.

The user may need to use a partner VIZIBOOK service (eg, accommodation, restaurants, ...). Using these partner services, the user accepts their specific conditions of use. In this case, only the contract with the partner will govern the relationship between the user and the partner, which is Patryst abroad.


The user proceeds to download the free application VIZIBOOK.

VIZIBOOK can be geographical (a city, a region) or thematic (points of interest in a defined area). The user then chooses the VIZIBOOK he wants.

The user has access to the common content VIZIBOOK and can start, if desired, customize the VIZIBOOK (the VIZIBOOK Custom).

The number of custom images is limited to 100 per VIZIBOOK Custom.


Responsibility personalized content

The user is solely responsible for any content that he places in his VIZIBOOK Custom.

The user agrees not to infringe French law or the rights of a third party. In particular, it is prohibited:

  1. 1. acts which constitute justify crimes against humanity, defamation, insults, threats, or acts violating privacy;
  2. 2. any transmission, distribution, publishing content that could constitute spreading false information;
  3. 3. any infringement of intellectual property rights (including copyright and creator, music, software, databases, images, sound and text) of any party;
  4. 4. disruption of flow of data exchanged in the VIZIBOOK, or dissemination of computer viruses.

Sharing Custom VIZIBOOK

You have the opportunity to share VIZIBOOK Custom. By validating sharing, content VIZIBOOK Custom is stored on the servers of Patryst or its technical service and can not be changed. The user receives a link to the VIZIBOOK Custom. Sharing can be done via social networks. Including social modules in the VIZIBOOK Custom, you agree to respect the practices and conditions in force on these social networks.

Reporting of Abuse

If a user finds that the content available on VIZIBOOK has an illegal character, it may report it to Patryst by sending an email to the following address:

It can also write to:

Reporting abuse
48 avenue Charles de Gaulle
92200 Neuilly sur Seine

The abuse report must include:


The user accepts geolocation, necessary for the proper functioning of VIZIBOOK.

The user is solely responsible for any content that place in the VIZIBOOK Custom

Patryst ensures confidentiality of content. Custom Content is never revealed, transmitted or accessible to persons other than the user, the people with whom the user has shared the link to the VIZIBOOK Custom or Patryst of technical services to ensure the proper functioning of VIZIBOOK.

Custom VIZIBOOK is hosted on servers Patryst or technical service providers. For the smooth operation of the service, the user grants Patryst for worldwide non-exclusive right to reproduce Free and maintain custom content on its servers and / or those of its technical service providers, but only for the providing the services of Custom VIZIBOOK the user to the exclusion of any other use. The user acknowledges to Patryst the right to change the photos, including their definition and framing, to enable their integration VIZIBOOK format.


Users prohibit commercial use or profit of all or part of VIZIBOOK. Consequently, users agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, resell, exchange, access or exploit for any commercial purpose or for any remuneration whatsoever, profit or advantage, all or part of VIZIBOOK.


Through the VIZIBOOK, the user can enter into relationship with others via, for example, hyperlinks, use of partner services, contract directly with the third party, participate in promotions organized by them or buy goods or services they offer.

Patryst can not be held responsible in the contractual relationship between the user and the third party.

In particular, links are available from the VIZIBOOK set up either by Patryst, by partners or by third party, manually or automatically, and that direct you to other sites.

Patryst has no control or responsibility for third party websites or external documents to which redirect the links. These websites, documents and content of any kind may be changed, updated or deleted at any time by the publisher who takes responsibility for their accessibility to the public. Patryst does not exercise a priori control over the formulation of such links or the content of sites to which they refer and therefore can not be held responsible for this


In case of interruption of access to VIZIBOOK, Patryst will use all reasonable means to fix it as soon as possible. However Patryst is not responsible for the availability, speed or the cost of user selected operators connection services.

Despite the care taken by the staff of Patryst and its partners in the revision of VIZIBOOK common content and given the variety of content sources, no guarantee can be given by Patryst as common content VIZIBOOK in every way view concerning veracity, accuracy and fitness for any use.

Responsibility for Patryst can not be committed due to third parties, particularly with regard to content or services provided by third party providers.

Responsibility for Patryst not be engaged for indirect damages such as loss of profits, goodwill, data or information stored.