How is the automatic creation of ViziBook?

Once gone ride, simply record your trip by pressing the button "Start Recording" in the « My ViziBook tab ». The application will include in « my ViziBook « the forms of places visited in two ways:

Just a few clicks to share this album with friends (social networks, email, message).

Is the ViziBook discharge the battery of my iPhone or iPad?

From the moment the button "start recording" is on, the application saves your journey in the background by using the GPS and using your battery. However, this use of the battery is undervalued due to new developments in the core location function in iOS8. In fact, the GPS is not called continuously but only when taking photos or when you stay more than 5 minutes in one place.

Why ViziBook did not recorded the form of the place visited in my ViziBook?

As explained above, in order to maintain maximum battery life, the application does not use GPS at all times. Therefore it is possible that the GPS when approached by the application (stay over 5 minutes or pictures taken) was not the time to accurately geolocate enough to locate the place visited. To improve this feature does not hesitate to send us, by email on, the name of the form who has not been registered.

Can I use the ViziBook with no access to 4G or Wifi internet?

Yes. the home page of ViziBook has an offline mode to download all the points of interest from the the datbase on his mobile as the map of the place. Once the ViziBook operating normally, only the GPS is requested because it is independent of the network connection. After downloading the ViziBook application, the iPhone version requires about 180 mb of storage space and about 350 mb for the iPad version.

Is there a version of ViziBook for Android?

It is in preparation and should be released in 2015.

Is ViziBook limited the number of pictures in My ViziBook ?

Yes the ViziBook is limited to 100 photos.