The user accepts geolocation, necessary for the proper functioning of ViziBook.

The user is solely responsible for any content that he places in his ViziBook.

Patryst ensures confidentiality of content. personal content is never revealed, transmitted or accessible to persons other than the user, the people with whom the user has shared the link to the ViziBook Custom or Patryst of technical services to ensure the proper functioning of ViziBook.

Custom ViziBook is hosted on servers Patryst or technical service providers. For the smooth operation of the service, the user grants Patryst for worldwide non-exclusive right to reproduce free and maintain custom content on its servers and / or those of its technical service providers, but only for the providing the services of Custom VIZIBOOK the user to the exclusion of any other use. The user acknowledges to Patryst the right to change the photos, including their definition and framing, to enable their integration ViziBook format.